Setting a goal is halfway to achieving it!

We all know that the most successful people are goal-orientated. But it’s not just about having an idea of what you want, it’s committing to setting them that counts!

It seems simple doesn’t it? The idea that setting goals goes hand in hand with achieving goals. Some of you might even wonder how it’s possible to achieve a goal you haven’t set. But the reality is, when we think about what we want- whether it’s earning a pay rise or losing ten pounds, more often than not, it’s the end result we think of. We picture ourselves with more money or feeling more confident in a swimsuit, but that’s not really a goal it’s a wish. Without mapping out our goals and a plausible way to achieve them, our greatest desires and ambitions become nothing more than daydreams. The problem with daydreams is, they vanish into thin air! Daydreams can also hinder your progress. You can become focussed on the comforting and pleasant thoughts of your end result, rather than focussing on the hard tasks and obstacles you need to overcome.

Here are my suggestions on how to take your goals out of your head and into reality!

  1. Quite literally make them physical, don’t allow them to just be ideas at the back of your mind. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to simply write them down. Dr Gail Matthews, who has spent a career dedicated to understanding people’s ambitions, has shown that you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal that you note down. Her favourite tactic (and mine too) however, is to draw them. You don’t have to be an artist, but a visual representation helps you think more clearly and identify those details which may otherwise be missing from the picture in your head. Dr Matthews’ study shows that those who draw their goal are an incredible 80% more likely to stick to them.
  2. Once you have a clear visualisation of your goal and what it will take to achieve it, it’ll be much easier to break it down into chunks. Once you have more manageable and achievable steps, you’ll see regular action that moves you closer to your goal. Nothing is more motivating than celebrating progress!
  3. Tell somebody about your goal! It’s amazing how much of a difference being accountable to somebody else, makes to motivation. Once you talk about your goal with somebody else, it really is a ‘set’ and ‘real’ thing. Besides, it’s always lovely to have someone on hand as your own personal cheerleader!


All of these processes should foster motivation and focus, as well as providing you with a strong sense of vision and purpose! The perfect recipe for success.


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