Why Invest in yourself?

We live in a funny old world. We’ll think nothing of spending a few hours a week watching a boxset on Netflix or of spending £8 on avo on toast a couple of times a week. But when it comes to investing money and time on ourselves- all of a sudden we get hesitant.

It doesn’t make sense, surely investing in yourself is the best return on investment you could ever possibly have? It’s especially important for those who seek to help overs, you need to give to yourself before you can give to others! Our individual gifts and talents will best serve others, once we’ve invested in them! Correspondingly, investing in yourself is a powerful signifier of self-love. If you show that you are willing to invest in yourself, others will be far more likely to want to invest in you. It sends a powerful message to the world. It shows exactly how you deserve to be treated.

Secondly, it sends a very important message to your own sub-conscience. When you enrich yourself, you can feel yourself grow and will feel better about yourself. It contributes to your happiness. It’ll help you become more focussed, as well as boosting your confidence. Both confidence and focus are essential in helping you achieve those personal goals.

Perhaps you have a bucket list full of things you want to do, think of the joy that would come with accomplishments. So putting some time and effort into getting those things done would really pay off. Whether those goals are improving your singing voice or learning a new language. Or perhaps you want to consult with a life coach like me on how to lose weight or get a promotion. You’ll feel better within yourself when you put time and energy towards completing those things. The big payoff to all that effort will be when you look back on your life and realize that you put positive steps in making those things happen.

It’ll also do incredible things for your career and/or business. As previously touched upon, as your skills grow, so does you value to those around you-particularly your employer. This translates into you becoming a more valuable asset and will hopefully result in an increase in job titles and compensation. If you are entrepreneur, the asset of your personal talent is transferable. By investing in yourself, you are also investing in your business. Whilst you may be making an initial output of money and time, you’ll end up driving your efficiency and perhaps even make a cost reduction!

So there you have it, yourself really is your best asset. You are an investment that simply can’t fail to give back a return. So go on book in with a life coach today, and forgo a couple of avo on toast breakfasts!


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