Feeling unsettled in life, and want to take steps to feel more fulfilled?

I’m Georgina, based in Woodford in Essex. I’ve been low in the past and been unable to pinpoint how to get back to feeling in control and satisfied in life. These experiences enable me to understand your perspective and to help create appropriate solutions with you. Feeling as though you aren’t achieving anything or fully enjoying your life is difficult and can leave you feeling unhappy; you can change this.

Working within people development for some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality for the last ten years, I have coached many people to achieve great things, both inside and outside of work. These skills have been re-enforced by my practice over the last few years and my Certificate in Life Coaching with Ducks In a Row.

If you would like support with a specific area or a few be it life balance, career goals, finding your mojo, confidence, stress, weight loss or meeting a specific objective, I can help.

Through talking with you about your life and what makes you tick, we can work together to create a plan to get you to where you would like to be.

We will not be meditating, holding hands or cuddling bunnies – every session will have an action for you to carry out (be it big or small) that’ll take you further towards where you want to be.