Text Coaching

A more relaxed but still super effective kind of coaching


In the age of the iPhone a lot of people now prefer to communicate by text that over the telephone or sometimes even face to face.

Ofcom found that we sent 102 billion text messages in the UK alone in 2011 and a further 48 billion WhatsApp messages and those figure are only increasing.

Recently I have trialled text coaching with a few clients and we have developed great action plans that have them working towards their goals. The goals have been varied from finding a purpose, to weight loss to relationship problems.

The medium of text allows the coach the time to think of the perfect question, and the coachee the opportunity to ‘say’ things they might struggle to out loud.  It also means the coachee is in their own environment and does not need to travel or talk to anyone about where they’re going. It also means the coach can support anyone around the world. The other evening I was supporting a client all the way in Dubai from my cosy sofa in Essex, England!

Of course it is vital that as a coach you explain that you will be asking tricky questions and that as a coachee they should be as honest as they can even if their answer is I don’t know or can you rephrase that.

A great benefit to clients is also that text coaching is a cost effective option. As there is no room rental or travel for the coach, I am able to pass that saving back.

If you’d like to give text coaching a go, pop me an email at Georgina@essexlifecoach.com and let’s see how we can work together.

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