Moving forwards whilst looking back

The past is part of your future, keep it alive


Throughout our lives we lose people, move on from places and relationships will end. Some things you may be able to re-visit, however the finality of death is difficult to move on from.

They say that time heals all wounds, however there will still be days where it feels as though no time has passed at all, and it’s raw.

A positive way to carry on is to undertake small positive acts of remembrance to keep their spirit alive. Pictured is a portrait of my late uncle, who passed thirty long years ago. The piece for my nan is an embodiment a memory and refreshes a photograph that has stood on her wall for the last three decades.

By creating something new of the person, be it art or donating to a cause they felt passionately about, an element of them remains in the present. A beautiful example of this is the lovely rose bush planted to commemorate Neil, it grows and gives life to the world around it.

Moving forwards will always be hard, but bringing  your past with you, will give you great strength.

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